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HVAC Troubleshooting System

What type of problem are you having?
What type of Air Conditioner Problem are you having?

This can be Caused by your Thermostat:


  • Make sure your thermostat is turned On
  • Set 3 degrees below room temperature
  • Turn Cool, not fan or heat

If the thermostat screen is blank, then the battery is dead. Replace the battery.

Did that solve your problem?

Your Air Filter May be Dirty.

Check yours and change if visibly dirty

Did that solve your problem?
Is your outdoor unit running?

Your AC’s circuit breaker may have been tripped:

Here’s what to do:

  • Find your breaker box and look for the circuit labeled “air conditioner”
  • Try flipping that circuit to “off” and then “on”
  • Give your air conditioner a couple minutes and see if it comes on now
Did that solve your problem?
Is there air coming out of your vents?
Is there Ice on your Outdoor Unit?
Is there air coming out of your vents?
Is there Ice on your Outdoor Unit?


Glad we were able to help you solve your problem. We’ll be here if you need us again.

Sounds like you need expert care.

Please turn off your system and get professional help.

Schedule your repair appointment
What type of heating problem are you having?
What type of heater do you have?

This can be Caused by your Thermostat:


  • Make sure your thermostat is turned On
  • Set 3 degrees below room temperature
  • Turn Cool, not fan or heat

If the thermostat screen is blank, then the battery is dead. Replace the battery.

Did that solve your problem?

This can be Caused by your Thermostat:


  • Make sure your thermostat is turned On
  • Set 3 degrees below room temperature
  • Turn Cool, not fan or heat

If the thermostat screen is blank, then the battery is dead. Replace the battery.

Did that solve your problem?
What best describes your heating problem?

Make sure power is getting to the furnace

Try this:

  • Check your home’s electrical panel. Flip the furnace’s circuit to “off” and then “on” again.
  • Look for a switch (like a light switch) near your furnace and make sure it is set to "on".
Did that solve your problem?
Is your outdoor unit running?
Is there ice on your outdoor unit?

Your heat pump’s circuit breaker may have been tripped.

Here’s what to do:

  • Find your breaker box and look for the circuit labeled “heat pump” or “air conditioner”.
  • Try flipping that circuit to “off” and then “on”.
  • Give your heat pump a couple minutes and see if it comes on now.

Note: If your heat pump is regularly tripping your circuit breaker, contact us immediately as there is a larger problem.

Did that solve your problem?
Is there ice on your outdoor unit?
Is the noise coming from the outside or inside unit?
What type of heater do you have?

Is there steam coming from the unit, as well?

Here’s what to do:

This is your heat pump's normal defrost mode.

What type of smell?
Did you just turn your heater on for the first time this winter?

This is likely normal.

The smell should go away in a few minutes.

Contact us if the smell persists.

Turn off your furnace now!

There could be a dangerous gas leak in your home. Turn off your furnace immediately and contact a heating repair person.

You need your regular maintenance

This is usually caused by a dirty coil and/or lack of regular maintenance on your heater.

Online Service Request

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Annual Maintenance Agreement

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  • 15% Discount on Repairs, Parts and Labor
  • Prolong Equipment Life
  • Keep Systems Running at Optimum Efficiency
  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Peace of Mind

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Customer Testimonials

  • We received a flier in the mail from Folkes Heating and Cooling. We called and scheduled an appointment for the triple play tune up. The technician that we were scheduled to see was Kurt. Before his arrival we received an email with his name and photo. We were impressed by this gesture.. We found Kurt to be professional and very knowledgeable. All in all, we were satisfied with the company and Kurt.
    Shirley F
  • Sean came within an hour of our call. He was nice and he diagnosed the problem in 5 minutes. He then fixed the problem quickly in a professional manner. His knowledge was astounding. Will definitely recommend Sean and the Folks company to friends and family!
  • I had Folkes install a new AC system in my home last year. As part of the purchase I got a free inspection at the one year mark. Folkes called several time to remind me and schedule the inspection which was great because I probably would not have done it without their help. The appointment was scheduled with a 3 hour window. I got a call from the technician, Sean, just after the start time advising me he was on his way. He asked me a number of question about the functioning of the unit and answered my questions on the filter and balancing the system. It was very helpful. His explanation was thorough and understandable. He went through the air handling unit and then the condenser. He used our hose to clean the air passages, cleaning up afterward and leaving the area better than when he came. I got a invoice of work completed with several maintenance recommendations and maintenance agreement costs for my consideration. He was not hard sell, but very willing to help. I have had nothing but positive experiences with everyone at Folkes and would recommend them to anyone who is in need of heating or cooling service.
    J Brill
  • The serviceman, Sean,was on time, knowledgeable, and we felt confident with the service provided for us. He serviced our hot water heater, gas furnace, and air conditioning unit.
  • Great experience Sean was very professional and polite he was very thorough and took his time to make sure I was satisfied
    Raymond P
  • Kurt has always been very professional and skilled. If there is an issue with AC or heating system he will explain and/or show us the defective part. Very pleasant man. We always are glad when we see him because we know the job will be well done. Folkes is a stellar company and has wonderful employees!!
    Diane S
  • This was the second time that Sean came to my home. I really appreciate his expertise and knowledge in resolving my heating problems. I will continue to request Sean if he is available. Sean is very professional understanding of the clients needs.
    Michael M
  • Our tech Sean M called to advise me that he was on his way to service our central a/c unit. When he arrived he introduced himself and explained what service he was performing. He was very considerate while working on the unit even wearing booties not to soil my carpet. He tested the unit before he left to insure all was working properly.
    Janice S
  • Excellent service. Air conditioning working well again. Thanks Sean!
    Andrew N
  • After receiving quotes from 5 other competitors we settled with Folkes on replacing our 25 year old boiler. Not because they were the lowest of the bids but we found them to be the most reliable. Whenever we called for service they were out in a timely manner. Customer service folk are always kind and courteous. But I will say the initial installation we were told would take one day, took 2 days. In addition, there was an issue with portions of the installation being incorrect but they had someone out within a couple of days to evaluate and subsequently to make the repair. 5 stars because they were quite concerned and very attentive to the issue. I highly recommend Folkes.
    Robert S
  • Very attentive to small details. Nice job done. Not rushing anything, but was done very quickly. Very informative. Very courteous and respectful of my home ( took off his shoes in spite of the fact that I had mine on). He remembered the furnace (he was here 3 years ago). The back office are very friendly and remember you and the work done on your furnace. Already scheduled the maintenance for the AC unit.
    Jules Z
  • Vinny S came to my house for an annual cleaning. He has done work at my parents' house as well. He did a great job and answered a lot of questions with out a problem. I will continue to do business with Folkes and Vinny specifically in the future. Thanks again
    Christopher B
  • Vinny is an excellent service man. He confirms his appointment and arrives on time. While here, he diagnoses the issue quickly, and gives me realistic options.
    James B
  • Sean M provided a great experience and service for my heater/furnace issues. He was willing to answer all questions and was polite and exceptionally knowledgeable. I would recommend him for service at any work place.
    Scott L
  • Sean M did a great job servicing my central a/c unit. He was extremely prompt, courteous, and knowledgable. He even wore booties while walking inside my house. I would highly recommend Sean and Folkes Heating & Cooling; my overall experience with them was excellent from start to finish.
    Sharon L R
  • Vinny was courteous and knowledgeable. Problem quickly solved
    Jim C
  • Got a call before arrival and well within the scheduled time. Once here, Vinny pointed out a few items I might want to consider doing for overall air quality improvement. He completed his cooling system review within an hour and was courteous and neat providing the service.
    Duncan C
  • My first time with Folkes and the first service call was truly impressive. Sean M. is an excellent technician. He's very knowledgeable and extremely diligent. Very customer focused "can do" attitude. Thank you Folkes for having a team member like Sean!
    Nick L
  • Folkes Heating was a pleasure to work with. I was able to schedule on short notice, reschedule without no issues. Customer service called me mins before the tech arrived. Sean M (Tech) was courteous, professional, by the way, they even walk with shoe covers so i didn't have to suck it up and say it's ok but not okay to not take your shoes off. Anyhow, Sean diagnosed the problem, took his time and explained everything to me. he also gave me tips on how to keep my system well maintained. Folkes are good people!!! they also have some great incentive on annual maintenance as to which i will be signing up for. big STARS for Sean and the folks over @ FOLKES :)
    Raj L
  • Sean was very pleasant and friendly. He realized the problem rather quickly and had it fixed in about a 1/2hr. I would consider your business first before others.
    Carl S
  • Dan B. did our first annual tune up on our new Mitsubishi Split System. He was thorough and fully explained everything he was doing as he worked. He also provided helpful tips on using the system and even wore disposable plastic booties over his shoes to keep our new carpeting clean. Great service, I was very impressed.
    John K
  • Kurt came for our annual oil burner service. Kurt was very knowledgeable about our furnace and was able to answer all of my questions. Kurt treated our home with respect, he was very kind and friendly. Our furnace has never run so smoothly, starting and stopping very quietly. I will request that Kurt come for all of our servicing. The office staff is also very friendly and helpful.Dan B. serviced our furnace on October 6, 2015. Dan was very friendly and knowledgeable about our furnace. Dan treated our home with respect. Dan took the top off of the furnace to clean it. I appreciated that because other companies that have serviced our furnace said that wasn't necessary. Folkes' service pros always take the top off. The furnace is running smoothly, we appreciate Dan's effort and kindness.
    Cheryl Z
  • Service Pro (Sean M.) called in before he came and was punctual when he came. Explained what he was about to do, also the condition of furnace and particularly the water heater. He performed the work efficiently, was clear and direct. Dustin, you have a gem in your service group. Sean, thank you for your professional expertise.
    Guillermo B
  • Vinny S. was wonderful to work with. He was friendly and very helpful. I would definitely use them again.
    Elena S
  • Kurt was terrific! He went the extra mile, even Windexed the boiler at the completion of the job.
  • Folkes has the best service in the industry. I have been using Folkes Heating and Cooling for 2 years now and I won’t let any other company work on my furnace or my air conditioning ever again. From the office staff to the technicians … Folkes is a 5 star business all around. As a homeowner we want to work with people we can trust. I have used other companies in the past and they are all second rate compared to Folkes Heating and Cooling. Thanks Brett, Dustin, and Jason this weekend for keeping our system running. Thanks to Folkes my house is warm in the winter and is always cool in the summer!
    John Q.
  • Hi “Folkes” Thank you very much!! Just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did installing our new air conditioner with the heat pump! Shortly after installation we had a chance to use the heat pump and it worked like a charm! We’ve also been using the A/C and I am so excited with how fast it cools things down!! (My Summers will be so much more comfortable!!) My special thanks to Brett, Jim and James and all those who helped with our project!
  • Dustin Folkes and his team were amazing in every aspect you could ask for. Flexibility, prompt, high quality work, thorough, you name it they did it. Great guys too. They do what is necessary and don’t try to sell you on extra stuff. Down to earth and have your best interests in mind. They take the time to figure out the ideal situation for your circumstance. In my case I had every duct taken out of my house by Friday and they came on last minute notice that day to give me just enough ducts so I could have heat until they could finish the job the following Monday. What else could you ask for? Prices were reasonable! They have a customer here for life. Thanks again Dustin!
    Eric W.
  • Dear Mr. Dustin Folkes, I want you to know that it is such a pleasure dealing with a company that gives Veterans a discount. Everyone always says the best advertisement is “Word of Mouth.” I am very happy to spread the word of your company, and the services you provide. Not only are your prices very reasonable, your service is top notch. I signed up for your yearly maintenance program, and I am a customer forever. Thank you again for the outstanding service you bring to our community, and to veterans.
    Joe M.