4 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Install Your AC System

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4 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Install Your AC System

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We all know that air conditioners are integral devices for every household. We use them non-stop, especially during the summer months. However, there are a few things to consider for a better functioning air conditioner. To make it easier for you, we gathered some information you should know before you proceed to an AC Installation Beacon NY.

Ductwork Inspection / Installation

Before the installation of an AC unit, you should contact a professional and ask him to inspect your ductwork. If you live in the Hudson Valley Region or the surrounding areas you are lucky enough since Folkes Home Services can do all the work for you. Many people neglect to check their ducts in their homes and this could lead to AC problems.

It is important that an expert evaluates whether the ducts are in good condition or if they are clogged, broken or leaky. The latter scenario prevents the cool, fresh air to flow inside the house. The AC works much harder than it was supposed to and you will probably see your electric bills increasing.

Size Of The Unit

When you buy the AC unit you have to decide on its size. A consumer may think that a larger unit will provide sufficient air for the house, or that because the smaller is cheaper, it is the best choice. Little did they know that this is not how it works.

Before an AC installation, it is critical to have professionals calculate the dimensions of the house and then advise you on which size could be more beneficial for you. Otherwise, a larger unit would be inefficient and a smaller inadequate for your needs. In both cases, keeping your place cool would be a struggle.

Placement Of The Condenser

The condenser, which is the outdoor unit, should be placed in a spot where the sun cannot easily reach. That way you can prevent your condenser from overheating and causing you damages. A shady place for it to lay on would be the ideal location.

Folkes Home Services can help you with all the above issues. Trust the technicians with your AC installation Beacon NY, as the company is reputable and trustworthy. Make a call right away to schedule an appointment and you will never regret it.

Choose A Reliable Company

If you needed the help of a professional to fix your TV or your phone you wouldn’t depend on just anyone, right? You should do the same with your AC installation. Ask around to see which company your friends and acquaintances trust. Make sure the company is certified and provides high-quality service.

Rely on Folkes Home Services to perform an AC Installation Beacon NY. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Give us a call at (845)-896-4328 and don’t forget to Contact Us.

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