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4 Trademarks Of A Quality AC System

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All air conditioning systems are created equal, right? Wrong. This assumption is what leads to a lot of unforeseen AC repair Poughkeepsie Falls NY.

As with virtually any appliance, air conditioners vary in terms of their reliability and performance; there are those that hardly ever quit on you, and then there are those that don’t quite stack up.

How does one know what to look for when shopping around for a new air conditioning system? After all, it’s (hopefully) not something that one buys every day. But it might not be time for an upgrade just yet. We do AC repair Poughkeepsie Falls NY, and we can help fix up your existing installation so that it’s as good as new.
In this article, we’ll take a look at five distinct qualities that separate the wheat from the chaff.
We’re talking about things like:

Level of noise

Ideally, you don’t want an air conditioner that sounds like a Boeing 747 taking off every time that you switch it on. Some noise is normal, but if your guests have to shout in order to be heard over the incessant drone of your AC, it’s probably time for an upgrade to a quieter model.
Of course, if your AC used to be silent but now sounds like a heavy metal concert gone awry, it might just be that some parts are in need of replacing. We do AC repair Poughkeepsie Falls NY, and we’d love to take a look at your system and offer expert advice.

Energy efficiency

We’re not just talking dollars and cents, either, but also the system’s impact on the environment. Many modern air conditioners are designed to be “green”; in other words, they consume less energy which translates into savings on your utility bill and a reduced carbon footprint.

It comes with a warranty

A warranty means that the manufacturer believes in its product. It’s important to always look for an AC that comes with some sort of warranty that protects you in the event that a part fails within a specified period of time (this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer).


Look, there’s no getting around the fact that any system that consists of moving parts will need occasional maintenance. An air conditioner consists of an intricate ecosystem of parts that work together to help you have a more bearable summer. This ecosystem includes (again, depending on the manufacturer and type of AC) fans, belts, coils, pulleys, valves, pipes and a special compound appropriately called a refrigerant.

When these things go bad (and most of them do after a while), it’s important that spares are readily available and can be easily replaced. If your AC requires you to hike up to a village in the Himalayas just to get a replacement part, you probably need to reconsider what brand you use.

Have an existing air conditioning system in need of a tune-up? We can help! We do AC repair Poughkeepsie Falls NY, and we offer a 3-year repair guarantee on most parts. That’s how confident we are in our repair work.

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