5 Heating Mistakes Homeowners Make

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5 Heating Mistakes Homeowners Make

HVAC maintenance service in Wappingers Falls, NY

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can now look up the best energy products, compare efficiency and even find out the best utility rates to help you lower your bills. At Folkes Home Services we’re seeing an increasing number of people who have tried to alter and manage their energy system themselves and ended up needed our professional assistance to put things right. The worst thing about these scenarios is often people have to pay out more than they would have if they’d called us out to help with maintenance and upgrades in the first place. It’s for this reason that we offer a comprehensive HVAC maintenance service in Wappingers Falls, NY to ensure your system is functioning at its very best, so you don’t have to tackle the jobs yourself. Read on for the top 5 heating mistakes many homeowners are making and how you can avoid them.

  1. Installing Your Thermostat Yourself

There’s a lot of new programmable thermostats on the market that are proven to dramatically reduce fuel bills, One of the main reasons you may run into problems when you try to install one yourself, include incompatibility, there is no one size fits all when it comes to thermostats. Also you may have altered the function settings and made technical errors which lead to your system not working effectively or not running all together.

  1. Turning Up The Heat

If you find yourself frequently adjusting your thermostat in an attempt to heat your home quickly, you may find it makes little difference. The pump that powers your heating can only function to a specific level so no matter how high you raise the temp; it’s not going to do anything more than waste your money. A full HVAC maintenance service in Wappingers Falls, NY from us helps to optimize your system so it performs to its full capacity, making your home warmer, faster and for less.

  1. Ignoring and Masking Odors

Many homeowners ignore the warning signs of odors in their home. For example if you can smell rotten eggs, it can signal gas leaks this is dangerous to both you and your home and should not be ignored. Don’t mask smells, other odors like damp and mold are suggestive of heating problems, it’s always best to get a professional out to assess these issues for your safety and peace of mind.

HVAC maintenance service in Wappingers Falls, NY

  1. Spare a Thought For Your Curtains

In the winter you want to make sure you heat your home as much as possible during daylight hours. To maximize heat within your home within assistance from your heating can help to dramatically lower your bills. Cleaning your windows regularly and investing in heavy drapes for their thermal properties will definitely be to your benefit.

  1. Not Getting Annual Maintenance Checks

Annual maintenance is bar far the best way to keep your heating in full working order, it’s also a much cheaper option compared to that of emergency servicing and repairs. If you do not keep up regular maintenance you put your home, health and finances in jeopardy. The Folkes team provides HVAC maintenance in Wappingers Falls, NY at your convenience and with a range of benefits and future services included it’s always wise to safeguard your heating, contact us on 845-896-4328 and let us do the hard work for you.

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