A Ductless Split System AC in Your Home Provides Healthy Indoor Air

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A Ductless Split System AC in Your Home Provides Healthy Indoor Air

Many homeowners in the Hudson Valley NY area who own a home with centralized air-conditioning do not know that they can actually get better indoor air quality with a ductless split system. There are many advantages to a ductless split system that engender a much better environment for clean air. This article will list a few of those advantages after explaining the basic components of a ductless system.

What Exactly is a Ductless System?

Although the main compositional difference between a ductless and a central air conditioning system is that ducts are not in one and in the other, there are some major differences besides that.

First of all, a ductless system is much more flexible than a centralized air conditioning system. There are two major components of a ductless system: 1. the larger outside compressor unit, and 2. the indoor units to actually condition the air. These indoor units are mobile and can be placed on ceilings, high on walls, or inside closets – virtually anywhere.

Ductless systems are also much more cost efficient than central air conditioning. The airflow of a ductless system can be targeted directly into rooms that need the most conditioning and away from areas that do not need any conditioning at all. This not only improves the air quality in a home, but it also saves homeowners money on heating bills.

How Can a Ductless Split System Help Improve My Indoor Air Quality?


Advantage one: Because the outside compression unit and the internal air conditioning units are separate in a ductless system, the small connection between them only requires a three inch hole in the wall in most cases. This alone will help with the insulation of the house and keep contaminants from entering the indoor air.

Advantage two: The indoor components of the ductless split system are very flexible. They can be placed high up on walls, on ceilings so they then become inconspicuous.

Advantage three: The outside compressor unit can be attached to more than one indoor conditioning unit, allowing zones within the home. You can heat or cool just the rooms that you use or only when you use those rooms.

If you are looking for a new, more flexible kind of air-conditioning solution in the Hudson Valley, it would be wise to take a look at a ductless system. Having a ductless split system may mean the difference in having good indoor air quality and average or poor indoor air quality.

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