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Why Is My AC Making That Annoying Noise

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As you get ready for the summer and enjoying the sun in Wappingers, NY, your AC starts singing with this high pitched and squealing noise. What could have gone wrong? Is your summer off to a rough start?

This situation happens to a lot of homeowners. Do you also hear a tuning-fork type of sound coming from your AC? It seems to be sound like from that metal grille that pulls air into your HVAC system, the air vent. A central AC maintenance in Wappingers, NY can help you decipher the source and the cause of that noise.

Time to Check

When transitioning from cold to hot weather, your AC system needs continuing maintenance. The harsh snow can create damage. There are necessary steps to follow in preparing your AC for the hot summer days. As you need to regularly use your unit to cool you off, it is best to have it checked for any repairs that may cost you more in the future.

Getting your AC checked is a must when you hear a whistling sound from your system. It usually is one sign that you need a central AC maintenance in Wappingers, NY to have your system checked.

Your AC is Gasping for Air

Your system’s blower could be starved for air when there is a high pitched sound. This typically is a sign of low return airflow. Your AC unit is struggling to pull in a certain amount of air. The pressure and velocity increases which then increases the sound level.

If your AC system has low return airflow and is not getting enough air through its return vents, it time to worry. Call Folkes Heating, a central AC maintenance in Wappingers, NY right

away to have this airflow checked and fixed. Otherwise, a low airflow problem can damage your system and dramatically increase your energy bills.

Not Too Worrisome Issues

Most AC units have a slight noise under normal operation. If your system has been sitting for months to an end, it just needs to work out its kinks. If the noise only lasts for a few minutes then this is really not an alarming issue.

It could also be just the connector belt, the one that connects to the motor of the blower. Perhaps it has slipped and caused that irritating noise from your AC. Most newer units have no belt system. If your system is older and you hear a sound, this could be a culprit.

All newer units have direct-drive motors. When you hear a grinding noise coming from the outside of your AC, it could be that the motor are shot and the motor will need to be changed.

Whether your AC has airflow, bearing, or belt problem, you call us anytime and we are ready to help you. Folkes Heating can assist you with any AC issues. Call us at 845 896 4328.

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