Air Conditioning: A Brief History of a Grand Miracle

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Air Conditioning: A Brief History of a Grand Miracle

Air Conditioning makes living in the summer so much more tolerable – but the miracle of refrigeration has brought more than just comfortable living space temperatures. Without refrigeration, we wouldn’t have fresh meat, fruit, or vegetables at the grocery store.

In short, the way refrigeration works is largely by the pressurizing and depressurizing of a liquid or gas. As the pressure is lowered on a liquid it begins to boil at a lower and lower temperature, and when the boiling temperature is lowered to match the temperature outside the vessel, the liquid begins to boil using the energy around the vessel to do so. This reduces that temperature.

The same principal can be experienced when using the canned air to clean one’s keyboard. Shaking the can causes it to get very cold because of those thermal principals.

The aforementioned phenomenon was first discovered by William Cullen in 1756, but it took another 150 years before the concept of refrigeration would make its way into the public’s interest.

Air Conditioning on a brick wall

During the early to mid 1800s there were many attempts at turning the principals of refrigeration into a business, all of which failed largely because of poor business planning and an unsure public. By the 1870s, however, some businesses – largely breweries – had begun to use refrigeration to improve the quality of their drinks. This was necessary because the old way of keeping things cold was using the ice in lakes, which was unfortunately becoming polluted and tainting the drinks.

It wasn’t until 1902 that the first modern air conditioner was invented by Willis Carrier. By 1942 the window air conditioner hit the market, shortly follow by home air conditioning.

After over 350 years of innovation, we now have fruits and vegetable from all over the world, untainted beverages, and the ability to be comfortable in the summer months.

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