An Interview with Dustin Folkes & the Benefits of Ductless A/C Units

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An Interview with Dustin Folkes & the Benefits of Ductless A/C Units

Why Ductless Air Conditioning?

Ductless Units are a great solution for so many people.  They can fit in spots where traditional units cannot.  It doesn’t take up much space and it blends nicely into most spaces.  (As you can see from the picture above.)

Can you give me some examples?

There are so many places for which ductless units would be a great solution.  For example: garages, sunrooms, older homes, home offices. The list goes on.  It’s a great solution for so many people who have space issues.  I say “never say never” to getting air conditioning into your home.  When a customer tells me they will never be able to get air conditioning in their home, I ask them to give me their scenario and I will find them a solution. We offer free estimates, so why not let me see what I can do for you and your home comfort.

What can the customer expect?  Are ductless units noisy like a window unit?

Not at all.  The ductless units run very quietly.  I think you will be surprised at how quietly it runs.  Another great feature is the remote control capability of the unit.  It makes running the unit so convenient for all members of the family.

What can I expect as far as efficiency?  My window unit seems to raise my electric bill substantially.

You will find the ductless units to be substantially more efficient than traditional units.  Each person’s home is different and based on which unit is right for you, we can provide particular efficiency information.

Tell me something I may not know about Ductless Units?


Besides just the great cooling aspect of the Ductless Units, there are also units which also come with a heat pump feature. These provide you a dual purpose of heating and cooling.  It’s a great solution for a sunporch or other area of your home where you may need a little extra heat or cooling only at certain times of the year.  Many times we install these in home offices, garages and older homes.

It’s also a less invasive way to get air conditioning in your home with no walls being opened for the traditional duct work that a central A/C system would require.

How can a customer get more information on these unit?

Estimates are always free.  Call our office and we will be happy to make an appointment to come out to your home.  We can do some calculations and have a conversation to figure out what works best for that particular home.  Give our office a call at (888) 986-3881 and we will be happy to make an appointment.

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