Are you ready for summer?

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Are you ready for summer?

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“5, 4, 3, 2, 1 weeks left!” Are your kids counting down the days until summer? You can bet they are excited to play outside and escape the heat when it’s time to recharge and cool off. It’s just a matter of weeks until the kids finish the school year and start spending more time at home. Make sure the kids have a comfortable home to rest when those long summer days come. We’ll help you feel confident in your home’s cooling power just in time for the season.

How to get your New York home ready

  1. Filter changes.
    You probably already change filters, but are you keeping on a schedule? Change filters every one to two months to keep dirt from building up and then escaping into your AC. Once a filter is clogged, it’s harder for air to pass through it and more bits of dust can get by it into the machinery. For this reason, a calendar reminder on your phone is a smart plan. Add the filter dimensions to make your shopping easier.
  2. Check performance.
    Run your AC to see how it’s performing after you change the filter. Give it a few hours before evaluating. As it runs, listen for unusual sounds. Is it able to reach the temperature on your thermostat? Are rooms evenly cooled? Does the AC remove enough humidity? Is it performing as well as in the past?
  3. Schedule a seasonal maintenance visit. You’ll be ready for summer with an annual maintenance appointment from Folkes Home Services. We recommend getting maintenance right before the warm months for your AC before the winter for your furnace. This one hour visit is an investment in your home comfort. We get your AC ready for the season by inspecting, cleaning, and maintaining using a careful checklist. By getting maintenance, you’ll avoid surprise breakdowns where parts have deteriorated for too long. We can catch small repairs before they become expensive and inconvenient to fix. From coolant refills to lubricating all the moving parts, this appointment keeps your AC performing smoothly year after year.
  4. A little outdoor cleaning. If you have a central air conditioning system, you need to clean the outdoor condenser unit for summer. Leaves, dirt, and debris can get inside it over the winter and cause problems. Turn off the electricity connected to your AC. Make sure switches and the fuse box are shut off. Then, use a hose spraying water in a circular and up and down motion to get your condenser cleaned. Get between the grates to get out the dirt.
    We want you and your family to have the best summer possible. Get your Dutchess County home ready for the warmer summer months ahead with air conditioning services in Wappingers Falls, NY from Folkes Home Services. Our friendly technicians are ready to help you with a friendly and professional approach.

Call Folkes Home Services today at (845) 896-HEAT (4328) to schedule your summer maintenance appointment now.

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