The Benefits of Oil to Gas Conversion in Beacon, NY

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The Benefits of Oil to Gas Conversion in Beacon, NY

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Did you know Natural Gas is available for your Oil to Gas conversion in Beacon NY!

Even though you are still enjoying the sunny and hot weather of summer, now is a great time to think about converting that old oil heat system to gas.  After all, if you live in Beacon, NY, natural gas is available in your area.  An oil to gas conversion in Beacon, NY is within your reach.

The cold season is just around the corner.  Put yourself in the position to take advantage of the low cost of natural gas and all the other advantages that come with gas heat.  If you are still undecided about making the switch, read on and perhaps you will change your mind. For the last decade,  the cost of heating oil has steadily risen in Beacon, NY .  In 2004, homeowners doled out around $1.40 per gallon of fuel, today, a gallon of heating oil will cost you nearly three times that amount.  Taking inflation into consideration, that is still an increase of over 200 percent.  On the other hand, the price of natural gas is dropping and prices are expected to remain low for the foreseeable future. With natural gas, you don’t need a tank to store it. It is easily piped to your home on an on-demand basis. That is, you get gas whenever you need it. You won’t experience outages and there is never the need to order more. Natural gas is versatile.  Not only can you use it for heating, you can use it for cooking, water heaters and clothes dryers.  Think of the money you stand to save with a gas water heater.

What have you got to lose?  We can come out and give you a free estimate.  Call the Good FOLKES people at (845) 896-4328 (HEAT).  Now that we have convinced you, call us for that oil to gas conversion.

Remember, we are still  tackling air conditioning repairs  as well as boiler and burner repairs for Beacon, NY  homeowners and all our neighbors in the Hudson Valley, NY.

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