indoor air quality in Fishkill NY

Take a Deep Breath, and Experience Life

A heating or cooling system is not only there to provide the comfortable temperatures that your family deserves. Undertaking a clean, efficient installation and following up with yearly maintenance services and system cleaning, will ensure that your family is healthier, and more productive. Call Folkes Heating for an evaluation of your indoor air quality in […]

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residential heating services in Wappingers Falls NY

It’s Cold Outside, Turn up the Heat

There has been a time in all of your lives when you’ve pushed aside important tasks for things that are that much more important at the time. One of these things has more than likely been your heater maintenance, probably because at the time is the warm summer months that you were enjoying. Winter sneaks […]

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HVAC repair service Wappingers Falls NY

Ducting – The Forgotten Hero

Most heating and cooling or HVAC systems consist of a number of parts that need to be installed in harmony, and work in conjunction with one another to provide the controlled air temperature you so long for. A huge part of these systems is the associated ducting, which, although, is very important, is often forgotten. […]

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HVAC maintenance service in Wappingers Falls, NY

5 Heating Mistakes Homeowners Make

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can now look up the best energy products, compare efficiency and even find out the best utility rates to help you lower your bills. At Folkes Heating we’re seeing an increasing number of people who have tried to alter and manage their energy system themselves and ended […]

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Ductless Dynamics

Folkes Heating, Cooling, Burner Services are the professionals who service the Hudson Valley Region with excellent service and workmanship that we produce with pride. Why Choose Us At Folkes you are always guaranteed of terrific service, courteous and respectful staff and knowledge and expertise that will have your job completed to satisfaction within the blink […]

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Poughkeepsie Professionals You Can Trust

Folkes Heating, Cooling, Burner Services are the service professionals to call for all you heating and cooling needs. We service the Hudson Valley Region and have been for years. Our reputation keeps us on top of the leaderboard and that is exactly where we want to be. Why Choose Us At Folkes we are the […]

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