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Central Air Conditioning Maintenance with Folkes Home Services

Typically, problems with the air conditioner start small and go unnoticed for a while. However, as time passes, they gradually worsen and start to impact residents of the home or office. Fortunately, scheduling central air conditioning maintenance with Folkes Home Services is highly cost-effective. Additionally, our HVAC experts carry out AC maintenance in an efficient and professional manner. Proper maintenance also saves more in equipment repair and energy costs. Modern air conditioning units are built to last for a number of years. However, this reliability can become a disadvantage. Users often forget or are totally unaware of the importance of scheduling routine maintenance. This is vital for the unit to function optimally in the long term.

Fewer Expensive Repairs

Regularly maintaining your air conditioning system will lessen the risk of incurring future expensive emergency repair costs. Each maintenance inspection includes a thorough assessment of the equipment. Among other things, our experts will check for worn or damaged part and will repair or replace any part that is no longer working properly.

Improved Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

As the air conditioner is used over the season, or throughout the year for those living in warmer climates, the cages and other part of the unit becomes cluttered or clogged with dirt and debris. These can then be emitted into the living space and lower indoor air quality. With routine maintenance, the dirt and debris will be cleaned by our technicians to ensure the air is not polluted. Additionally, the system uses less energy when it is maintained as maintenance includes cleaning parts of the unit like the blades and cooling coils. The cleaning of these parts helps to more efficiently generate cool air. Less energy is used to produce cool air, which lowers operating costs.

Folkes Home Services will effectively take care of all your central air conditioning maintenance needs.

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