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Ducting – The Forgotten Hero

HVAC repair service Wappingers Falls NY

Most heating and cooling or HVAC systems consist of a number of parts that need to be installed in harmony, and work in conjunction with one another to provide the controlled air temperature you so long for. A huge part of these systems is the associated ducting, which, although, is very important, is often forgotten. The ducting is the highway, if you will, to your rooms. The air travels through the ducting, and is pushed through the attached vents, and into the rooms which are fed with the cooled, or warmed air.

You know how imperative regular maintenance is to the efficient operation of your system is, well, the ducting is something that should never be ignored during these maintenance services.

For HVAC repair service Wappingers Falls NY, Folkes are the folk to call. We know every detail of your system, how it works, and what makes it tick. We are aware of the common problem areas, and the areas where potential damage often starts. We’ll ensure that your system is fault free when we leave.

Duct Cleaning – There is Nothing Better for Your Air Quality

The air being circulated through your HVAC system, carried through the ducting, and into your home, is filled with dust particles. As the air passes through the ducting, the heavier particles are left behind in the ducting. As time passes, the dust and debris builds up causing the passing air to carry the excess through the vents and into your home.

The value of an efficient HVAC system is the fact that you can improve the indoor air quality of your home, however, you have to do the work in order to achieve this.

Low quality indoor air is really detrimental to the health and well-being of your family. You may find that allergies, asthma, and bronchial ailments that were once non-existent, are suddenly more prevalent. As silly as it may sound, poor quality indoor air affects your quality of sleep. The air is somehow heavier, smothering, but doesn’t have that life-giving oxygen-rich quality that you require to enjoy a good night sleep. Instead you will have to endure endless hours, tossing and turning, waking more tired than when you went to bed.

Besides the health issues, the costs of operating an HVAC system that has associated ducting that is dusty, and full of debris, is quite hefty. The air can no longer flow freely to the rooms, the debris acts as obstacles working against the smooth air flow. You system will have to work twice as hard to achieve the constant air pressure, and temperature, which you have become accustomed to. The harder your HVAC system has to work, the more it is going to cost you when the utility bill arrives.

There is nothing better than breathing in a nice big, lung-filling, gasp of oxygen-rich air, that doesn’t leave you sneezing or coughing. Instead you feel rejuvenated, and you will be amazed at how your mood is enhanced.

HVAC repair service Wappingers Falls NY

Folkes Duct Cleaning Services

When we carry out maintenance or repair on your HVAC system, we never forget ducting. Yes, we inspect every part of your equipment and repair what needs attention, and your ducting is included in this. We inspect the ducting for leaks, cracks, and defects or anything that could put strain on the system, leading to inefficiency, and spikes in operational costs. We thoroughly clean your ducting system, inside and out. When we leave, there isn’t a trace of dust to be found. It’s as if we just installed it.

Call Folkes Heating today for a duct cleaning service that will truly astound you. You’ll notice the difference as if it were night and day. We are the number one company for HVAC repair service Wappingers Falls NY. Do something today that your family will thank you for. (845)896 4328.

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