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Ductless AC System Poughkeepsie

Maintaining a ductless AC system is not as difficult as maintaining a central air conditioning system. After all, there are no air ducts to clean or repair. The maintenance process is as simple as replacing air filters and cleaning the refrigerant coils. If you need maintenance services for a ductless AC system Poughkeepsie residents should consider hiring a firm which has been in the industry for decades, such as Folkes Home Services.

Ductless AC System Poughkeepsie

Ductless AC systems are also known as split air conditioning systems because the evaporator and condenser are located in different places. In many cases, the evaporator is located indoors and it’s usually mounted on the wall of the room to be cooled. On the other hand, the condenser is located outdoors either on the roof, outer wall or on the ground. The condenser is tasked with compressing the refrigerant fluid and cooling it. The unit has cooling fins and a fan. The fan blows cool air onto the cooling fins which take away heat from the refrigerant. As the refrigerant leaves the compressor, it expands inside the evaporator coils, thereby absorbing heat from the surrounding area.

Ductless AC System Repairs

Ductless air conditioners can develop a number of problems. For instance, the machine may start producing a lot of dust. To fix this problem, the air filter must be replaced and the evaporator coils cleaned to get rid of dust and other debris which may have settled on the evaporator coils. Another common problem is failure to cool or lack of sufficient cooling. This can be fixed by recharging the refrigerant or replacing the thermostat, depending on the source of the problem. Poor cooling may also be caused by a poorly functioning condenser. For instance, airflow to the condenser may be restricted by leaves, branches or overgrown grasses. To remedy this problem, the area around the condenser must be cleared.

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