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Ductless AC System Wappingers Falls

One of the easiest air conditioning systems to install is the ductless air conditioning system. This is because no ductwork is required. The installation process is as simple as mounting the air handler on the wall, installing the condenser unit outdoors and connecting the two components. What links the two components is a refrigerant tubing which takes the refrigerant from the compressor to the air handler to absorb heat from air passing over the evaporator coil and take the fluid back to the condenser for cooling and compression. When in need of a ductless AC system Wappingers Falls residents can count on Folkes Home Services for effective and reliable installation, maintenance and repair services.

Maintenance of Ductless AC System Wappingers Falls

This type of air conditioner uses forced movement of air to distribute heat around the room. This means that dust and other impurities can easily become airborne. As a result, anyone who has allergies may be affected. For this reason, routine maintenance must be done to clean the coils in the air handler. The air filter in the air handler must also be replaced to ensure any airborne impurity can easily be captured, thereby improving the quality of air indoors. A blower is normally used to pump air out of the AC system. Since the blower can make a lot of noise as a result of increased friction over time, lubrication must be done during maintenance.

Ductless AC Repairs

Any machine can break down for one reason or another. Folkes Home Services offers both scheduled and emergency AC repairs. This means you can always have your AC repaired regardless of the time or date. Folkes Home Services has highly-qualified technicians who are professionally-trained and certified to handle all the major brands of heating and cooling appliances. They also have a lot of experience with AC repairs, so you can count on them to repair whichever problem you may have.

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