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Ductless Dynamics

Folkes Home Services, Cooling, Burner Services are the professionals who service the Hudson Valley Region with excellent service and workmanship that we produce with pride.

Why Choose Us

At Folkes you are always guaranteed of terrific service, courteous and respectful staff and knowledge and expertise that will have your job completed to satisfaction within the blink of an eye.

We will gladly break down your pricing and explain in detail what work is required and the cost implications involved in each procedure. You will never be left in the dark only to be shocked with a huge bill at the end of the work.

We offer no obligation, free quotations.

Our Services on Offer

We have a diverse and varied work list and are competent in all departments. Qualified staff are employed to head up each department and keep them running with n efficiency that will keep even the most stubborn customers satisfied.

  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ductless
  • Services and maintenance
  • Emergency services and repairs
  • Indoor air quality

HVAC systems are becoming extremely popular in areas where temperatures between seasons vary by large amounts. Extremely cold Winters and blistering hot Summers.

We are able to offer you systems that can provide for these needs with ease.

Ductless heating systems Lagrangeville are becoming popular and offer an option that requires perhaps a little less maintenance the the normal ducted units. Regular maintenance is required as per normal but the lack of ducting does reduce the cost significantly.

We offer maintenance and repairs on systems as well as replacement of units that are no longer working or are no longer efficient in performing the task at hand. Replacing these units may bear a cost upfront but the savings you make on your electric bill will surely make that back in a short time period. An efficiently running system, greatly reduces the use of energy and the strain on the power system.

Call Folkes today, the folks who care about the folks in the community. (845)896-4328.

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