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Poughkeepsie Professionals You Can Trust

Folkes Home Services, Cooling, Burner Services are the service professionals to call for all you heating and cooling needs. We service the Hudson Valley Region and have been for years. Our reputation keeps us on top of the leaderboard and that is exactly where we want to be.

Why Choose Us

At Folkes we are the folks who truly care about the community. We offer service that is guaranteed to enrich your lifestyle and provide your family with comfort at the touch of a button.

Friendly, polite and professional staff are always available to offer you the best service possible and keep you completely satisfied with the results.

Our obligation free quotations are a welcome addition to those who are simply planning ahead. Our pricing system is uncomplicated and allows us to reveal to you exactly what has been quoted on and the price for each item. You will always know exactly where you stand, what has been allowed for and what additional costs will need to be added.

We work hard to keep our customers in the loop, nothing is undertaken without the consent of the customer.

Our Services on Offer

Our list of specialties is a growing one. We continuously strive to grow, develop and learn and move with the times. We won’t allow our customers to be left behind while the world moves ahead in technology and advancements.

We offer heating, air conditioning, ductless systems, services and maintenance, emergency repairs and call outs and indoor air quality. Our team of technicians have a broad knowledge of all areas of the field and are competent in carrying out any related tasks.

Our ductless heating system Poughkeepsie is a relatively new addition to our field of expertise. It offers a heating system which is not reliant on ducting to transfer heat to different areas of the home. Maintenance on these systems is reduced considerably if you consider the fact that no ducting is present to inspect and repair. Additional costs for the system at the inception are quickly counteracted when considering savings on maintenance and repairs.

We offer our staff the opportunity to attend courses and take in-house training so that any new techniques and products are not lost to our customers forever. Our customers deserve to have up to date information on all facets of the trade. Knowledge is key to  making informed decisions. It is our job to help our customers make the right choices to suit their requirements.

Call Folkes today, experience ductless heating at its best. (845)896-4328.

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