Consider a Ductless System for AC and Heat When Adding a New Room

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Consider a Ductless System for AC and Heat When Adding a New Room

Ductless System for AC and Heat

If you are building a new room in your home, consider the many benefits of a ductless system for heat and air conditioning. With a ductless system, you control the settings in your home one room at a time. This saves you a lot of money on utility bills because you don’t have to pay for heating and AC in rooms that no one ever uses. A ductless system is also ideal if two or more people in your home disagree on what constitutes a comfortable temperature. You can set different temperatures for different rooms and everyone can be happy.

Other Benefits of a Ductless System

When you have a ductless heating and air conditioning system installed in your home, your local HVAC dealer will provide you with a hand-held controller and teach you how to use it. No matter where you are situated in your home, you can control the heat or AC delivery to each room individually. The remote is easy to program and even simpler to use.

A ductless heating and air conditioning system is designed to operate very quietly. In fact, it is not any louder than a human whisper. This allows you to reap the benefits of the heating system without having to be bothered by loud or unexpected noises. Another benefit of this system is that it automatically adjusts to temperature variations within a room and adjusts airflow until it provides perfect comfort.


You also stand to save a lot of money on your monthly utility bills as well as the cost of frequent HVAC repairs. A ductless system is far more economical to operate because it only produces heat or air conditioning where it is truly needed. When making an initial investment, it is important to do a cost benefit analysis to figure out how long it will take you to earn back your initial investment. You should use your actual monthly energy savings to determine this.

If you or a family member has allergies and asthma, having a strong filter in the heating and AC system of your home often makes a big difference. The ductless split system comes equipped with one of the strongest air filters on the market. It is capable of capturing the tiniest particles of dust, mold spores, bacteria, pet dander and other allergens and keeping them out of the air of your home. The filter is guaranteed to last for up to 10 years. You should not have to replace it within that time, but you do need to periodically wash it for the best results.

Ductless Heating Systems are Friendly to the Environment

Heating and air condtioning products manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric are all powered with Puron, a natural synthetic oil substitute that does not cause any ozone layer depletion. The company is also a voluntary participant in the federal Energy Star Program. This means that it is held to the highest standards of energy efficiency in the country. When Mitsubishi products need to be replaced, more than 80 percent of the material is recyclable.

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