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Energy-Efficient Residential Cooling Lagrangeville Tips

Saving residential cooling Lagrangeville energy won’t just help bring your utility bills down, but would also contribute to our planet’s good health. We therefore would like to share some energy-saving tips to help your HVAC set up become and stay more energy-efficient. Some of these tips may also be about or relate to general energy savings.

Attic Insulation

Correct insulation helps lock indoor air, ensuring correct levels of warmth and cold during winter and summer, respectively. As per Energy Star, you may save close to $200 annually if you pay good attention to your house’s insulation and sealing.

Double Pane Windows

Installing dual-pane windows help with locking the air in, for a much warmer home environment during winter. During warmer months, the windows help reduce heat transfer, ensuring a cooler house, which means the AC need not push itself harder.

Programmable Thermostat

A thermostat that can be programmed lets you plan the periods during which your air conditioner or furnace would be at work. Being able to start the thermostat when at home, and stop its functioning when not at home helps save energy. In other words, the thermostat would run only when you want it to.

Light Bulbs

According to experts, replacing your normal incandescent light fixtures with energy-efficient bulbs help save substantial money on energy bills over time. These energy-efficient lights may be marginally expensive than regular bulbs but the additional buying price gets easily made up for within a few months of using them, especially if you have them installed all over your house or office. Moreover, these bulbs are much cooler to the touch and don’t dissipate heat as much, which means a marginally lesser load on your AC.

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