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Furnace Tune Up Beacon

When winter sets out, a heater can make your home experience comfortable throughout the cold season. However, your furnace may malfunction due to inefficiencies within the system. This leads to poor heating and ultimately discomfort to your home. Just before the winter season begins, be sure to give your furnace some tune up. That’s why Folkes Heating, Cooling and Burner Service offers reliable and quality services throughout The Hudson Valley, and surrounding areas. For many years now, we have been the best and trusted furnace tune up Beacon can offer.

Why you need furnace tune up

A complete furnace tune up just before the winter season offers a lot of benefits. For one, you get quality and clean air in your home. On the other end of the spectrum, a tune up service improves the efficiency of your furnace. It also helps us locate any malfunction and defects which may cause inefficiencies and inconveniences later on. We recommend that you give your furnace a tune up once every year just before winter rolls. So be sure to call one of our technicians today to schedule a maintenance or tune up plan. Our technicians are, friendly, and knowledgeable and helps you understand the costs and what needs to be done.

Furnace tune up service

During a tune up service, we check the burner and heat exchanger, replace the filter, tighten loose connections and inspect the fuel lines. While we will inspect the whole equipment for defects, we also perform other inspections to do with humidity and the duct-work. You want quality air and for that reason, we clean the ducts and ensure correct humidity level to prevent health hazards. The good thing is that we have well trained technicians who are insured, bonded and licensed to provide quality furnace tune up Beacon can offer.

For all your heating and cooling needs, do call us today to schedule an appointment.

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