How Can You Ensure Proper Air Conditioner Airflow?

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How Can You Ensure Proper Air Conditioner Airflow?

What’s the homeowner’s role in making sure you maintain proper airflow?

Why is proper air conditioner airflow so important?


Cool, conditioned air is only useful if it’s distributed properly around your home. When your air conditioner has good airflow, your entire home will feel evenly cooled and your energy bills will be kept at a minimum. If something goes wrong with your cooling system’s airflow, however, your home will likely be uncomfortable and your air conditioner will be at risk of running inefficiently and breaking down, which can lead to expensive repairs.

How can you avoid airflow problems in your home?

  • Ensure your ducts are properly sized. If your HVAC system wasn’t correctly installed by professionals like FOLKES, there’s a chance that your ducts were sized incorrectly for your home. Improper duct design can lead to all sorts of airflow problems. If you’ve noticed that your air conditioner has never quite cooled your home correctly or your energy bills have been suspiciously high since it was installed, you might need your ducts inspected and modified.
  • Have duct leaks sealed. Even if your ducts are sized correctly, they can still develop problems if they are leaking.Duct leaks develop from cracks, holes or disconnections in your ductwork that allow air to escape. This forces your air conditioner to work harder because it needs to stay on longer to make up for the lost air. If you notice sudden comfort problems or higher energy bills, you might need to have your ducts properly sealed.
  • Change out clogged filters. In order to clean your air, your air conditioner has to push air through your air filter. If your filter is clogged with dirt, your air conditioner has to work extra hard to push air past it. This can put a lot of stress on your cooling system and have a significant impact on your energy bills. Make sure to check and change your filter often to avoid this.
  • Remove any debris that’s blocking your condensing unit. Proper airflow isn’t just important inside your home. It’s also important for your condensing unit outside. If anything is blocking the area around your outdoor condensing unit, such as debris or shrubbery around the unit, it makes it hard for your condenser to breathe properly. To ensure proper airflow, make sure you keep the area around your outdoor condenser clear.

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