How to Tell When You Need An A/C Replacement

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How to Tell When You Need An A/C Replacement

When the temperature starts to rise, you need to make sure that you have a good air conditioning system to keep you cool. With all the use that your AC gets it can often run into problems. Eventually, you’ll need to replace your system. Knowing when that time comes make sure that you call the air conditioning experts at FOLKES Heating & Cooling. We’ve worked with all types of AC systems and wanted to share some of the signs that you can watch for that could indicate that you need to replace your system.

Frequent Repair

If your air conditioning system has started to require frequent repair it could mean that it needs to be replaced. It might make more financial sense to replace your air conditioning system rather than continue to repair it. The experts at FOLKES Heating & Cooling in the Hudson Valley can help you determine if it’s time to replace your AC system.

Strange Noises

When your air conditioning system starts making strange noises it could mean that it needs repairs. However, it can sometimes mean that that you should replace your air conditioning system. If your AC is making a gurgling, hissing or squealing noise; give us a call and we’ll make sure that it gets repaired or replaced fast. With our many years of experience, the Good FOLKES people are here to help you figure out when it is a good time for replacement.


Inefficient Operation

Keep a close eye on your utility bill. If you notice that your energy bills have spiked without a corresponding increase in usage it could mean that there is a serious problem with your air conditioning system. This problem can sometimes be solved with thorough inspection and cleaning but other times it could mean that you need to replace your system.

The Hudson Valley air conditioning replacement specialists at FOLKES Heating & Cooling can help you figure out if the time has come for your to AC system to get replaced. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of the Good FOLKES People. And remember, estimates are always free.

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