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Installing Ductless Air Conditioning


If your air conditioning system is no longer energy efficient or has become outdated, consider the many benefits of ductless air conditioning. Unlike your current central air conditioner or window unit, ductless air conditioning allows you to control the temperature in your home on a room-by-room basis.

Why a ductless air conditioner?

When ductless split system air conditioning was first introduced, it was used primarily in the commercial sector. Hotel owners needed a way for guests to be able to set the temperature of their room to their own liking, so they were some of the first buildings to get split system capability for air conditioning and heating. Eventually, people who owned apartment buildings, town homes and other building structures where many people lived wanted split system capabilities in their own businesses.

Zones and Energy Efficiency

Today, ductless air conditioning is popular among owners of single family homes as well. The ability to be energy efficient is one of the biggest reasons that homeowners cite in their decision to upgrade to a ductless split system air conditioner or heating system. A ductless system helps homeowners to save money because it cuts back on unnecessary heating and cooling bills.

If a room in the house is rarely used, the homeowner has the ability to prevent heat or cool air from reaching that room altogether. It is also ideal for families when people have different ideas of what it means to be comfortable. If you like it cool and your partner or children like it warmer, you can remain in one room with the air turned on at full power while your family hangs out elsewhere.

How a ductless air conditioner works

In addition to helping you become more energy efficient, a ductless split system air conditioner takes up less space in your home. Inside of your home, a service technician from FOLKES will set up an indoor evaporator and an air handling unit. The parts that go outside of your home are the compressor and condenser. The conduit is the piece that connects the indoor and outdoor units together. It consists of power cables, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing and a drain for condensation. There is no large or noisy ductwork required for the system to operate properly.

Once you have your new ductless split system air conditioner installed, it may take you a little bit of practice to learn how to control room temperatures. If you are uncertain of how to do this, ask your service technician for a demonstration. You should see a decrease in your utility costs by the following month if you use the system correctly and consistently.

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