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It’s Cold Outside, Turn up the Heat

residential heating services in Wappingers Falls NY

There has been a time in all of your lives when you’ve pushed aside important tasks for things that are that much more important at the time. One of these things has more than likely been your heater maintenance, probably because at the time is the warm summer months that you were enjoying. Winter sneaks up all too quickly, unfortunately, and you are left with a heater that may not be working when that first cold front arrives.

When you are faced with a disaster like this, it is best to have a professional service provider by your side. Folkes Heating is your first line of defense. For residential heating services in Wappingers Falls NY, there is no better company.

Maintenance Is the Key to Avoiding Repairs

Any kind of mechanical equipment consists of moving parts. Parts that move are subjected to friction and the resultant wear and tear. Carrying out preventive maintenance is one way in which you can prevent breakdowns and costly repairs, or at least put them off for a short while longer. Of course breakdowns can never be avoided, and at some point you heater will need a repair of some sort.

Maintenance services ensure that your heater is thoroughly inspected at least once a year, and any potential hazards, or impending breakdowns can be prevented. This kind of treatment of your heater will ensure that all electrical connections are firmly secured, gas efficiency is checked, drainage pipes are cleared of obstructions, filters are cleaned or replaced, the vents, ducting, and unit are cleared of any dust or dirt, and a visual inspection is carried out to investigate any cracks, flaws, or defects, and the effects they may have on causing future repairs.

A heater that is regularly maintained will ensure that you keep your utility costs down, the easier the heater can reach efficiency, the less power is used. A clean heating system promotes an indoor air quality that is exceptional. The air your family breathes will be the life-giving, health promoting air that it should.residential heating services in Wappingers Falls NY


Folkes – The Heating Specialists

Folkes Heating is not beginners in the market, we have been around for many years, and have serviced the community of New York and surrounding areas with such great success. We have provided residential heating services in Wappingers Falls NY which has allowed our fine customers to enjoy continued warmth, even when the weather outside is otherwise.

We offer our clients so many additional benefits that it is difficult to fathom why you’d go anywhere else. Guaranteed upfront pricing that doesn’t cost you anything, and best of all you are not held to any obligations. You have the freedom to decide whether you can squeeze your repair into your budget now, or whether it will have to wait another month. Our labor and equipment carry a warranty, our seal of confidence that we trust our work completely. Our NATE certified technicians deliver the best and nothing less.

For residential heating services in Wappingers Falls NY, call Folkes Heating and you’ll never be left out in the cold again. Our repairs are guaranteed to prolong the life of your equipment or we won’t carry out the repair. Call us on (845) 896-4328; we are waiting to brighten your day.

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