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Keep Cool, Keep Clean: Your Air Conditioning System

Like Cars, Air Conditioning Units Need Servicing:

The warm weather will be arriving soon and you will no doubt be using your Central Air Conditioning Units.

It’s easy to take Central Air Conditioning for granted. You enjoy it all Summer and in the Winter you turn the heat up and forget all about it.  Come late Spring, you expect it to just be there for you again — chugging along for another hot Summer with little or no attention from you.

Think of your Air Conditioning like you do about your car.  You wouldn’t run your car for thousands of miles without getting it serviced.  If you equate the running time of your A/C unit for the Summer to miles you drive in a car, it would equate to 60,000 to 80,000 miles.  You wouldn’t wait that long to have your car serviced.  The same holds true for your Air Conditioning Unit.


So why don’t more people regularly have their A/C units serviced?  Perhaps we think “It’s working, what is there to fix?”  Just because it is running, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s running efficiently or problem free.  In reality, you could be paying the utility company more each month than is truly recessary.

Air conditioners today are much more energy efficient than they were even a few years ago. The problem is the more energy efficient a condenser is, the more rapid its performance degrades.

Heating and Cooling systems eat up about 54% of the average home’s energy costs. Tune-ups prevent untimely break downs, assure that they start the first time needed and prolong equipment life.  Keeping the filters and coil clean will save energy.  Even a small amount of restriction on a filter or coil will decrease efficiency.  Clean filters alone can reduce your annual energy cost by 15%.

Isn’t it time your A/C system had its annual check-up?

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