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Keep Your Money — 5 Ways to Stay Warm Without Going Broke

The heating season has arrived and along with it, the hike in your energy bill. Finding ways to decrease energy expenses while keeping your home’s temperature at a comfortable level isn’t always easy.

We’d like to share 5 heating tips that will help you maintain a warm and cozy home through the winter while keeping your energy costs down.

  • Poorly insulated windows are often the cause for high energy expenses. A simple, cost-effective solution toCroppedFinger_zps2c34441c
    insufficientwindow insulation is weather stripping. Keeping drafts out and the heat in means lower energy bills in your future.
  • Replacing your old thermostat with one that you can program is a painless way to keep your energy expenses down. The ability to preset the time and the temperature assures that your heat will not be on high while the house is empty and guarantees that it will turn down at night when your family is tucked comfortably into their beds.
  • You may be surprised to find out your ceiling fans aren’t just handy for cooling you off during those hot summer months. Since warm air travels upwards, turning your fans on and reversing their motion will cause the heat settling near your ceiling to re-circulate. Putting your ceiling fans to good use during the winter months can mean a drop in your energy bill.
  • Opening your blinds and letting nature’s natural heater provide you with a little extra comfort can easily translate into lower heating expenses. The sun beaming through your windows can increase the temperature in your home and brighten your day with a little natural light.
  • Having your home’s heating system serviced annually can make a huge difference in its efficiency level. A system that is in poor operating condition uses a larger amount of energy and can cost you hundreds of dollars extra every winter. If your appliance is reaching its elderly years, you might consider upgrading to a newer and more energy-efficient system. While the investment can seem hefty, in the long run you could save thousands of dollars.

If you would like to schedule an annual heating inspection or you’ve purchased a new heating system and need assistance installing it, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with our knowledgeable and trustworthy services.

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