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Leave Jack Frost Outside This Winter

Take a look at the Hudson Valley’s news headlines and it’s easy to see that everyone’s holiday calendars are about to overflow with festivities. For starters, there’s the annual A Christmas Carol reading at Springwood and Locust Grove’s 12 Days of Christmas program to look forward to. The Merry Minstrels are expected to show up at the Poughkeepsie Plaza in the coming days too.


Of course, with all of that Hudson Valley holiday excitement in the air, it’s easy to forget about one’s furnace and hot water heater – at least until they break down. Don’t wait until then to remember them, though, because if they do stop working, it won’t be long before your Hudson Valley home starts to feel like the North Pole. In addition to following all of the suggestions we’ve posted recently about maintaining your systems and preparing them for winter, two other things you can do are to keep our 24/7 emergency service number on speed dial and consider signing up for one of our maintenance agreements.

 At Folkes, we hate to see our Hudson Valley neighbors go without heat and hot water. That’s why we offer both of the previously mentioned services. The 24/7 emergency service is rather self explanatory – you call us whenever a problem with your heating or hot water system arises and we respond to the situation right away. We don’t want you to have to worry about Jack Frost taking a bite out of your family’s toes, especially during the holidays when you might have visitors who don’t want to be cold either.

As for the maintenance agreements, signing up for one will help to keep your furnace, boiler, and hot water heater in tip-top shape from the very start. Thus, the likelihood that you’ll find yourself involved in a heating emergency will be greatly diminished. In addition, you’ll be eligible to enjoy a 15% discount on assorted services.

While we are on the topic of staying warm throughout the Hudson Valley this winter, we wanted to mention a few other resources. Residents that have difficulty paying their Hudson Valley heating bills may want to make contact with the Dutchess County HEAP Department, the Dutchess County Department of Community/Family Services, and/or the Dutchess County Office for the Aging this month. These agencies are currently accepting applications for three assistance programs – one that covers the cost of heating equipment repair and replacement, and two that cover the cost of emergency and regular heating bills.

To learn more about our heating repair and routine maintenance services in the Hudson Valley, please contact The Good Folkes at (888) 986-3881.

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