No One Should be Cold! Here’s How to Stay Warm.

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No One Should be Cold! Here’s How to Stay Warm.

In our last blog we talked about the ways that we at Folkes Home Services and Air can help you get your heating system ready for winter, and while we do advise contacting a professional to have your furnace inspected on a yearly basis, there are a few basic maintenance activities that you personally can do to prevent a reduction in your furnace’s efficiency and avoid the need for significant repairs later on.

Changing your filter

The filter in your furnace has the hefty job of catching the dust and debris that travels through your ducts. Not changing your furnace’s filter allows the dust and debris to build up, which makes the filter less efficient and potentially shortens the life of your furnace. The dirty filter causes increased strain on the appliance, so in addition to shortening the life of your furnace it will also increase your monthly heating bill because the system has to work harder. You can easily avoid these complications by changing your furnace filter once a month during the heating season.
Cleaning your furnace
To Do ListAlthough the filter stops the majority of dust and debris from leaving your ducts and ending up in your breathing air, it unfortunately doesn’t catch all of it. The particles that make their way past the filter end up in the furnace blower, which is what blows the air into your home. If you clean the blower assembly when you change the filter once a month, the amount of dust and debris entering your home will be minimal. Gaining access to the blower assembly is fairly easy, but please make sure to either unplug the furnace or switch off the electrical breaker that supplies the furnace with power before you attempt to clean it. Once there is no electricity running to the appliance, remove the front panel and thoroughly clean the blower fan. After you have wiped away all dust and debris, securely reattach the panel and turn the power back on.
Performing a regular inspection of your furnace

While changing the filter and cleaning your furnace keeps its efficiency level up and prolongs the appliance’s life, it is still wise to routinely complete a careful inspection of the entire appliance. First, make sure that you examine the exterior of the furnace for signs of cracking or other deterioration. After that, look for any black soot build-up and check the color of the furnace’s flames. Finding soot build-up and yellow flames instead of blue are signs that your furnace has poor combustion, which warrants a call to a professional. Routinely performing a thorough inspection every few months can help you detect malfunctions early on, which can prevent your furnace from needing professional and/or emergency repair – and possibly save you from going for too long without heat!

These are a few things that you can do yourself to make sure that your furnace is up to par for the coming winter months. Routine maintenance is crucial for avoiding costly repairs and for ensuring your furnace is safe for use. Even if you wish to take these steps by yourself, scheduling a professional to perform a comprehensive furnace inspection before you get started could save you hundreds of dollars.

If you would like a professional’s advice, to get preventive maintenance, or want some repairs done, please contact us. We are more than happy to provide you with knowledgeable and trustworthy service.

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