Numbers Don’t Lie: Proof Ductless Systems are the Best

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Numbers Don’t Lie: Proof Ductless Systems are the Best

The September issue of Fine Homebuilding features a six-page spread on ductless, touting the many benefits of ductless over other conventional HVAC systems. Using simple math, article author Scott Gibson paints a clear picture of what separates these systems from the rest of the HVAC pack.

Refrigerant Distribution: With conventional HVAC systems, one outdoor unit supplies refrigerant to just one central indoor unit, which then distributes the air via ducts throughout the building. Our ductless technology uses one outdoor unit to provide refrigerant to as many as eight individual indoor units, reaching more areas of the building simultaneously, quicker and more efficiently.

Energy Conservation: “Ducts also are inherently wasteful,” Gibson explains, “either because they’re leaky or because they lose energy as they pass through unconditional areas such as attics and crawlspaces.” The article reports that the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that, in conventional HVAC systems, as much as 30 percent of the cooling and heating energy is wastedAccording to the Home Innovation Research Labs (formerly the NAHB Research Center), energy loss with ductless systems is as low as 1 to 5 percent.

Utility Cost Savings: Gibson cites a Green Building Advisor blog post written by engineer and energy consultant Marc Rosenbaum in which Rosenbaum says that his current utility bills with a ductless system in his house on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts are one-quarter of what he used to pay with his conventional HVAC system. Gibson also discusses installations for ductless air-conditioning systems in which the homeowners later ended up using the systems for heat as well — the ductless systems proved to be less expensive for heating than their existing conventional systems.

Whatever numbers you compare, as the saying goes, numbers don’t lie. To learn more about the benefits of ductless technology, call the Good Folkes People! 

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