Oil to Gas Conversions in Fishkill, NY

Oil to Gas Conversions in Fishkill, NY and Surrounding Areas

Oil to gas conversions are popular in the Hudson Valley area. As people start to work on older homes, they begin to realize that oil heating is not only costly, but often inefficient as well. Fortunately, it’s possible to get through the conversion process relatively painlessly, as long as you have the right help.

Professional Oil To Gas Conversion

The process behind oil to gas conversions isn’t something a homeowner should undertake on his or her own. As the phrase might suggest, it’s a true conversion – one must prepare the home to move from oil to gas heating completely. This involves not only the costs inherent with purchasing a new furnace, but also the cost of having a gas line installed. Without professional help, failure is almost certain – and even a small mistake can end up costing homeowners thousands of dollars.

Why Convert from Oil to Gas?

As you might expect, the primary reason for converting a home from oil to gas is monetary. It may take a few years, but an oil to gas conversion will typically pay for itself during a homeowner’s residency. Switching from oil to gas also makes a home more attractive to potential buyers, especially if they are used to more modern heating systems. Anyone who still has an oil-based system must face the fact that their heating model is going out of style and could well be a liability when the house goes on the market.

Call the Expert HVAC Technicians

If you are looking to convert your home from oil to gas, it’s best to work with a company that has hands-on experience. Don’t trust just anyone with your home’s heat – Folkes is the expert to call for conversions. We service the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas, and can use our vast level of experience to help you.

If you’re ready to make the switch from Oil to Gas, give us a call today!