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Oil to Gas Conversion Beacon, NY

For years, heating oil was seen as the ultimate heating fuel due to its high calorific value and availability. However, oil heating has a number of shortcomings that natural gas does not have. That is why the residents of Beacon, NY, are switching from oil heating to gas heating. It is important to note that the cost of acquiring a new gas furnace is high. That is why many property owners continue to use oil heaters instead of acquiring a new gas heater. The good news is that your old oil heater can be modified to burn natural gas. When in need of oil to gas conversion Beacon residents can count on Folkes Home Services for reliable services.

About Folkes Home Services

We are a NY-licensed heating contractor serving the residents of Beacon, NY, and the surrounding areas. Based in Fishkill, we have over 20 employees who are professionally trained and experienced in their respective fields. For instance, our oil to gas conversion team comprises NATE-certified technicians who have a great understanding of how oil and gas heaters work as well as safety issues associated with the conversion. This means that you can be assured of safe and reliable oil to gas conversion. As a BBB-accredited business, we strive to offer quality services that meet the expectations of our clients.

Benefits of Oil to Gas Conversion Beacon, NY

By converting an existing heater, you will be able to save some money since you will not have to buy a new heater. Secondly, natural gas is a more efficient heating fuel than oil, so you will be getting better value for your money. Thirdly, there is an abundant supply of natural gas in the U.S., enough to power homes and industries in the country for decades to come, so you do not need to worry about price increases due to global geopolitical issues. Lastly, natural gas does not produce any soot, smoke or odors when it burns, so you will have clean and eco-friendly heating in your home. When you are ready to have your heater modified, be sure to call Folkes Home Services to request a free estimate on the service.

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