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Oil to Gas Conversion Poughkeepsie

Fluctuation of oil prices has some advantages and disadvantages. For instance, consumers who are currently using oil heating in their homes are a happy lot because oil prices have dropped significantly over the last couple of months. However, we all know that prices will go up again in the near future, and crude oil prices do not have a ceiling. On the other hand, there is an ample supply of natural gas in the United States, so prices are usually stable. This means that natural gas is the better heating fuel. Oil to gas conversion Poughkeepsie residents should know, can help them avoid price volatility in the oil market. Folkes Home Services offers reliable oil to gas conversion services, so you can count on our team to properly modify your oil heater.

About Folkes Home Services

Founded in 1998, Folkes Home Services and Cooling has grown to become one of the largest and most reliable HVAC contractors in the Hudson Valley. We have a team of 20 highly qualified employees and 11 trucks that are fully-equipped to handle any type of job. We are based in Fishkill, NY, on Route 9, so you can always stop by to discuss your needs with our team. In addition to being a BBB-accredited HVAC contractor, we are also licensed by the state, and have NATE certified heating technicians. We serve the entire Hudson Valley region, from Cold Spring and Garrison to Wappingers Falls and Beacon among other towns.

Why Convert your Heater?

As mentioned earlier, oil prices are never stable, so you may find yourself paying double what you are paying right now per gallon of heating oil in the next couple of months. Furthermore, heating oil is extracted from crude oil, which is prone to supply shortages. It is also important to note that oil produces more greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas, so it is less friendly to the environment. Natural gas, on the other hand, is efficient, affordable, available in ample supply and does not require storage tanks.

When needing oil to gas conversion Poughkeepsie residents should call Folkes Home Services & Cooling to speak to our team.

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