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Oil to Gas Conversion Wappinger Falls

Natural gas is an efficient fuel that burns almost completely, compared to heating oil, which is known to have incomplete combustion under normal circumstances. Gas is also readily available in the country since vast reserves have been discovered within the US borders. Heating oil is produced from crude oil refining. Since crude oil is imported from overseas, consumers are often forced to pay a higher price due to geopolitical issues that may affect supply. It is also important to note that when gas is burned, it produces over 20 percent less emissions than heating oil, which makes it an environmentally-friendly fuel for both domestic and industrial uses. Oil to gas conversion Wappingers Falls residents should know, makes it possible for consumers to start using gas as their heating fuel without having to get a new furnace.

Folkes Home Services Heater Conversion Service

At Folkes Home Services, we have NATE certified technicians who have been professionally trained to handle oil to gas conversion jobs. They have the skills, expertise, tools and equipment needed to convert oil stoves to gas furnaces. According to government statistics, consumers who use oil to heat their homes normally spend around 4 times more on space heating than those who use natural gas. This means you can make huge savings over time. The cost of the conversion service can easily be recouped before the year ends, so it offers great value for money.

Converting a heating system is not a job for amateurs. A simple mistake can reduce the benefits of the conversion. It may also pose a serious danger to your home if there is a gas leak. For this reason, it is important for Wappingers Falls residents to hire the most competent service provider. At Folkes Home Services, we have been handling oil to gas conversion jobs for many years and we have never had any complaints. For effective conversion of your heater, be sure to call Folkes Home Services today.

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