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Oil to Gas Conversions Poughkeepsie

There are many types of heating systems in existence. The simplest is a portable electric space heater, which is simply plugged into any electrical outlet to heat the room. The most complex is the hydronic heating system, which comes with a boiler and an elaborate hot water supply system connected to heat exchangers installed in different parts of the building. There is also the central air heating system, which has a furnace that heats air inside the air ducts before supplying it to different rooms in the building. In the case of central air heating and hydronic heating systems, the most popular fuel used by consumers is natural gas, but this has not always been the case.

For decades, heating oil has been the de facto heating fuel for space heaters. However, fluctuations in the global oil prices, geopolitical issues in oil producing regions and discovery of vast natural gas reserves in the country has made gas a popular heating fuel. Since most property owners already have oil heaters, a certified oil to gas converter must be hired to offer oil to gas conversion Poughkeepsie.

Benefits of Using Gas

The United States has enough gas reserves to meet the country’s heating needs, both industrial and domestic, for decades, if not centuries. Furthermore, the unit cost of gas is lower than heating oil, and prices are normally stable. Secondly, gas is supplied to homes via gas lines, so there is no transportation on roads or tanks to store the heating fuel. This means you can use however much you need and pay for it. Thirdly, gas produces 20 percent less emissions when it burns than oil, which makes it environmentally friendly. If you need your oil heater converted to use gas, you can count on Folkes Home Services for effective services. We are licensed, certified and insured to handle all types of oil to gas conversion jobs in the state.

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