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Save Money and Possibly Your Life With a Tune-Up

Getting a tune-up for your furnace can save you money and keep you safe. Failure to maintain your furnace properly will cause it to run less efficiently and can even be hazardous to your health. The last things you want to worry about when the temperature drops are massive heat bills or your health. Furnaces should receive a tune-up yearly – before the cold kicks in and you start using your heat on a daily basis.

What does a tune-up involve? Here at Folkes Home Services and Air Conditioning, we concentrate on safety and efficiency.

Checking for Carbon Monoxide

Possibly the most important part of our furnace tune-up is making sure you aren’t getting dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home. While the exhaust of your furnace naturally emits carbon monoxide, you don’t want it to leak into your living area. Because carbon monoxide is deadly to humans and is hard to detect due to being colorless, odorless, and tasteless, this is an extremely important step to take while making sure your furnace is safe for winter! With our equipment we can check the ventilation systems to make sure that isn’t happening; while we’re in there, we’ll also check other safety issues like wiring.

Basic Checkup

Other tune-up features include checking the thermostat on your furnace to make sure it’s running optimally. All the safety controls will also be checked to see if they’re operating correctly. If you’re running a gas furnace, we’ll check your pilot light assembly. To ensure true efficiency, however, checking the burner in your furnace is what’s going to make the biggest difference, because when the burner gets dirty, your furnace has to work harder. This, of course, creates higher heating bills.

Other Things to Check

In gas furnaces, we check for any leaks that could pose a threat to your safety. The flue pipe is inspected as well as the draft diverter, both of which are important to prevent gas from entering your home. We’ll then change your filters. Finally, we’ll test the entire cycle of the furnace to be sure that everything works appropriately.

Before we leave, we’ll give you recommendations on how to make your furnace function at its best, including appropriate temperature settings.

Make sure you get this done before the winter season is fully upon us.

Here at Folkes Home Services and Air Conditioning, we’ll do our tune-ups quickly, efficiently, and at a price you’ll love. Contact us to arrange a tune-up today so you don’t get socked with high heat bills during the holidays.

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