So Long And Into That Goodnight: It’s Time To Replace Your AC Unit

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So Long And Into That Goodnight: It’s Time To Replace Your AC Unit

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There are many different problems that can arise with air conditioning units over their lifespan. These problems simply need a repair service. Eventually it may not be efficient to keep repairing your unit. Instead it may be time to get an entirely new and improved cooling system for your home.

Now Folkes Home Services understands that an AC unit is by no means cheap. However, as you keep getting repairs done to your cooling system eventually you will spend more on repairs than you would have if you just had to replace the unit in the first place. If you are not sure about whether you should repair or replace – well, we have a few tips that can help you figure it out.

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To The Old And Hello To The New

Age Is A Comprising Factor

Air Conditioning systems no matter how great are not designed to last forever. In fact, studies show that once your AC unit celebrates its 10-year birthday it would be more economical for you to replace the unit due to efficiency and safety risks.

You Call In Repairs So Often You Know The Handyman’s Name By Heart

Getting repairs every now and then on your cooling system is completely normal to a point. If you find yourself having to get repairs every odd month; then it may be less burdensome on your budget if you were just to replace the system with a new unit.

If you are still not sure if it is worth getting an entirely new system installed, consider what is constantly giving out and how often you call a handyman to fix it. Over time these small repair bills add up and become rather costly to a budget – making it the smarter decision to go out with the old and in with the new.

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Those Utility Bills Are Just Skyrocketing

Like us humans – with age AC units do not have the ability to remain as efficient as they were at cooling in their youth. Therefore, keeping an old system well-maintained can still lead to an unnecessarily high utility bill.
This again can become costly for your wallet over a long period of time, which is why if your air conditioning unit is over 10-years old we strongly recommend that you consider re-investing into Air Conditioning replacement Wappingers Falls NY.
Tips For Replacing Your Cooling Unit

When purchasing a new AC unit you should keep in mind various factors such as the size of the unit relative to the size of your home. This alone is a huge playing factor as the wrong sized unit can still send your utility bills skyrocketing.

For help when it comes to deciding whether to replace or repair your current air conditioning unit or even just for knowledge-based advice on replacing your unit we at Folkes Home Services are more than glad to help.

For our expertise in heating and cooling solutions or on-hand aid from one of our certified technicians when it comes to Air Conditioning replacement Wappingers Falls NY, simply contact us at 845-896-4328.

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