Split Ductless Systems Can Be A Wonderful Option for Older Homes

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Split Ductless Systems Can Be A Wonderful Option for Older Homes

Central heating and air conditioning systems enable many homeowners in the Hudson Valley to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year. Families are discovering the benefits of ductless heating and AC systems as well. Also known as mini-split systems, these devices offer several advantages over central units.

Unlike a central heating and cooling system, ductless systems enable you to create separate comfort zones. A central unit typically has a single thermostat that provides one temperature throughout your house. You can individually regulate the temperature in each room with a ductless, mini-split system. The unit is an ideal way to heat and cool enclosed porches, basements and other rooms that your HVAC system cannot handle.


Ductless heating and AC is more efficient than a central heating and air conditioning system, which uses ductwork. According to industry estimates, as much as 30 percent of the air in central systems is lost through holes or cracks in ductwork. Most mini-split systems have a minimum seasonal energy efficiency rating of 13, but several models ratings are close to 20. These energy-efficient systems and zone controls minimize the cost to operate your system.

Split ductless systems are a wonderful option for older homes, which may not accommodate a standard central heating and air conditioning system due to their layouts. In these situations, ductless heating and AC systems are the best solution because they do not require ductwork. Our crew can mount the indoor unit in the wall or ceiling. We can also suspend the unit so that it is flush with a drop down ceiling. The mini-duct system works has a housing that is not as noticeable as a window air conditioner or heating system. Unlike a window unit, it will not obstruct your view or prevent you from using your window. The system is more convenient to operate than a space heater, which requires sufficient floor space.

A ductless heating and AC system may not create as much noise as a central, wall-mounted or window unit. The compressor and condenser, which typically produce the most sound, are located outside of your home. The only components installed inside your house are the quiet fan and evaporator units.

The installation process for a ductless system is less disruptive and invasive than a central HVAC system. Because there is no ductwork to install, there is no reason to tear open ceilings, floors or walls. A small opening in your wall enables our technicians to run the electrical and refrigerant lines that connect the inside and outside components of the system. We will create small openings in walls, ceilings, attics or crawl spaces as necessary. Your outdoor condenser unit will be mounted along the same exterior wall as the indoor unit. Our experienced crew can install a ductless heating and AC system in less than a day.

A mini-split system is less expensive to install than a central heating and cooling system. Hudson Valley homeowners may also qualify for rebates and tax incentives that can offset installation costs.

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