Spring Time and Your Air Conditioning System

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Spring Time and Your Air Conditioning System

It may be hard to believe based on today’s weather, but March 20, 2013 will officially begin the Spring season. As the calendar turns towards April and we begin to enjoy warmer weather and begin opening our windows to fresh Spring air let’s consider our seasonal efforts towards Spring cleaning. Whatever the origins of Spring cleaning are, it is time to get on the ball and start planning for your Spring cleaning projects. This means more than just dusting and cleaning out areas we’ve long neglected. It also means taking care of the items that need maintenance around your house.

One of the items that tend to get neglected is your home cooling system. Because it sits outside and you haven’t turned on your central air conditioner in months you may forget about it until you need it. Preventative maintenance is the key to longevity, a simple and affordable Air Conditioning Tune-Up during the Spring will help keep your system running well through the summer. This service includes a cleaning and inspection, which will help minimize and catch potential problems if they exist.  As a bonus, an air conditioning tune up can help lower your energy bills, by ensuring your system is operating at maximum efficiency.

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