Springtime in the Hudson Valley Means Air Conditioning Tune-Up Time!

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Springtime in the Hudson Valley Means Air Conditioning Tune-Up Time!

It’s been a long, cold winter here in the Hudson Valley but it looks like spring may actually arrive! Pretty soon all the signs of spring will be upon us, pollen floating in the air and birds chirping good morning.  Springtime also means that summer will be here before we know it, along with the need for air conditioning!  Imagine that!  After this bitter cold winter, we will soon be complaining “It’s too hot!” and that means you will need your air conditioning.

Spring may not be when most of us start thinking about air conditioning, but now is definitely the right time to call us and get on our calendar for your seasonal Air Conditioning check-up.  Many of our customers have added their AC tune-up directly to their list of “spring cleaning” activities.


Spring Air Conditioning System Check Up!

Your home cooling system has a number of components that we inspect as a part of your spring air conditioning checkup. An air conditioning check-up is a job best left to the professionals, no matter how handy you may be elsewhere around the home.  Central air conditioning units are complex pieces of equipment.  We service all air conditioning systems, including ductless units.  We boast a fleet of trucks and trained professionals who are ready to get you and your home ready for the Air Conditioning season.  We service the Hudson Valley and neighboring communities.

Call 845-896-4328 (HEAT) to have your Air Conditioning Service scheduled today!  Ask about our Maintenance Agreements and never miss your annual service again!  We offer plans for all systems.  


Initial Inspection

One of the first things we do, is an overall visual inspection of your entire HVAC system! We look for the warnings signs that signal there may be something wrong with the HVAC system. This may include:

  • Rust or Corrosion
  • Standing Water in Drain Pans
  • Water or Moisture Stains on Equipment
  • Scorching or Signs of Overheating
  • Hanging or Improperly Sealed Ductwork
  • Nests in Equipment made by Rodents

Electrical Systems and Components

After our visual inspection, we test the electronic control systems of your air conditioner, testing the capacitors, switches, circuit boards and relays, for proper operation. This also includes a thorough inspection of all electrical and thermostat wiring on the system.  We make sure there are no broken or corroded wires and that all connections are tight and ready for the long cooling season ahead.

Cooling Components Checkup

Next on the spring AC checklist are your evaporator coil and condensate drain line. The coil is a key part of your home air conditioning system and if it’s not clean and working properly, your AC is not going to work, or at best, work with lower efficiency! We want your system to operate at peak efficiency!  The condensate drain line carries water condensation away from the evaporator coil, and if this becomes clogged or improperly connected to the rest of the drain system, your AC system can become flooded and you could have a very bad mess on your hands!

Operation and Functionality

Once we are satisfied that the electrical and component systems are in operating condition, we start your AC system and check for proper operation. We check your coolant levels, make sure your compressor runs freely and then test the entire system, as well as all safety and control systems on the running unit. While the unit is running, we will also check the disconnect switch to make sure that it is in good working order, as this is a vital part of safety for your AC system.

Schedule your Spring AC Tune Up Today!

 Call 845-896-4328 (HEAT) to have your AC Service scheduled today!  Ask about our Maintenance Agreements (we have many options) and never miss your annual service again!


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