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The Pros and Cons of Oil to gas conversion Wappingers Falls

Gas is a better heating fuel that oil, but it’s popularity has only been increasing recently due to the discovery of vast natural gas reserves in several parts of the country. Fluctuations in fuel prices, including heating oil, has also contributed to this trend. Geopolitical factors, market forces and intense speculation all have an effect on oil prices, so consumers are never sure how much they are going to spend during the cold winter months because prices may increase significantly. Since gas is found within the US borders, prices are relatively stable and lower than the cost of heating oil. These are some of the factors that have led to an increase in oil to gas conversions in Wappingers Falls. At Folkes Home Services, we are specialists in oil to gas conversions, so you can count on our team for the most reliable oil to gas conversion Wappingers Falls has to offer.

About Folkes Home Services

We are the heating folks. We service every town in the Hudson Valley region and the surrounding areas. This includes, Wappingers Falls, Garrison, Carmel, Cold Spring and Millbrook among others. We have a lot of experience in the industry while our technicians are highly trained to offer oil to gas conversion services. This means that you can be assured of 100% customer satisfaction. Our technicians are NATE-certified while our business is BBB-accredited, so you can expect high quality services.

Benefits of Using Gas

Gas is a much more efficient heating fuel than heating oil. This means that you will be getting better value for money when you use gas. Secondly, gas produces less greenhouse gas emissions than heating oil, which is known to produce a lot of harmful exhaust gases. Once your heater has been converted and your home is connected to the local gas supply lines, you can be assured of having heating fuel in your home since there will be no need of refills or storage tanks. You can use however much you want and settle your bills at the end of the month. For the best oil to gas conversion service, be sure to get in touch with Folkes Home Services.

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