Tips To Protect Your AC Next Winter

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Tips To Protect Your AC Next Winter

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With summer coming closer and closer there’s probably not a single soul that isn’t looking forward to those warm sunny days at a nearby beach or just having friends over for a good BBQ. And though we’re all looking forward to better temperatures after enduring last winter, knowing what to do when the ice empire takes over again can save you some money and discomfort. Taking good care of your AC during summer will ensure a longer lifespan, but what about during the months of winter? We at Folkes Home Services believe that prevention not only makes your life easier but also ours. We love to see our customers happy all year round and we’re always working to make it so. However, whether it is now right before the season you need it most, or later when you don’t use it at all, having your Air Conditioning repair in Beacon, NY, or in the worst case a total replacement of your system can become a necessity if the AC is not taken good care of. That’s why, though a bit early in the year, we’d like to give you some tips on how to maintain your AC in good shape during next winter.

Turn off the power

This doesn’t mean just the unit, but the whole system. It will save you money by avoiding phantom loads and it’ll extend your AC’s lifespan because you’re giving it a well-deserved rest after such hard work during summer.

Give it some protection

More than the inside unit, the external part of your system that stays outside during the merciless cold months of the year needs some winter attire. Basically, you can use anything you want but preferably water resistant and of a certain thickness. This way, humidity won’t make its way as easy into your system and falling objects will neither damage your unit nor fall right into it. Nevertheless, make sure no animals make their new home in there. For as nice as it is to help others, they might damage the machine or make objects fall inside that could cause problems in the long run.

Folkes Home Services and Cooling

Check it regularly

It is quite unlikely that your AC will sustain irreparable damage during its inactive period. But it’s always worth to keep an eye on it to check for abnormalities or random objects that might have fallen inside during a storm. Air Conditioners are normally built to resist low temperatures, but the accumulation of leaves or humidity might build up to future issues that might require professional attention.

Trust the professionals

Whether it’s during summer that it fails you, (let’s hope not) or during winter where you don’t need it (where the glass half full perspective is useful), you shouldn’t attempt to fix it or clean it yourself unless you’re a qualified professional. AC systems are meant to last, but no matter how good it is, accidents and failures can happen without notice. Having our services, you will be guaranteed to have excellent top quality customer service and certified technicians.

Whether you need an installation, replacement or an Air Conditioning repair in Beacon, NY, we at Folkes Home Services will make sure that everything is taken care of to grant total satisfaction all year round. We hope that nothing happens to your AC during summer or winter, but if it does, give us a call at (845) 896-HEAT (4328). If you are a senior or a veteran you’ll get discounts to show our gratitude and respect.

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