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Why You Should Get Ductless Heating System in Lagrangeville

Ductless heating is a new and innovative technology that can potentially save you as much as 50 percent of your monthly electricity bill. Ideally, less is more especially when it comes to energy consumption. Ductless heating systems Lagrangeville are becoming popular because of their energy efficiency. Below are reasons why you should get one of these systems.


Unlike traditional heat pumps that force heated air into homes through ducts, ductless systems directly deliver hot air into different zones in your home. These systems have one small outdoor unit and several indoor units that are mounted on the wall. At Folkes Home Services, Cooling and Burner Service, we install these cost-efficient split systems to replace inefficient space heaters, electric baseboard heaters, and window units. They can also be installed in condominiums, apartments, and homes.

Save You Money

Ductless systems generally operate on less power compared to traditional heating systems. This is because they are a lot smaller that duct systems. Additionally, the fact that hot air is directly delivered into a room ensures that there is minimal loss of efficiency. This means that you can save on your total utility bills.

Clean Indoor Air

The quality of your indoor air can be lowered by air from outside. This is because traditional heating systems trap dust and other allergens inside their ducts. When air is forced through these ducts, it carries the allergens into your home. On the other hand, the multi-stage filtration used in ductless systems prevents dust, bacteria, pollen, and other allergens from entering your home.

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