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Your Garage Workshop and Ductless A/C


As a homeowner in the Hudson Valley, you may enjoy spending a significant amount of time in your garage workshop. Whether you work on your car, woodworking or some other type of hobby, the outdoor space can get a little uncomfortable during the cold winter months and the hot and humid summer months. If you are looking for a way to take control over the indoor environment of your garage, consider a mini split ductless system for heating and cooling. A mini split ductless system will allow you to spend all the time you want in your garage workshop no matter what the outdoor weather conditions are like. Consider these benefits to a mini split ductless system in your garage workshop.


Mini split ductless systems are small in size, which makes them perfect for use in your garage workshop. Compared to the amount of space that a traditional heating and air conditioning system requires, you can achieve the same level of indoor comfort without sacrificing precious indoor space in your workshop or outdoor space in your yard. These ductless mini split systems have three major components, which include the indoor unit that blows the air, the outdoor condenser unit and the conduit that contains the power and drainage system. The indoor unit is small, unobtrusive and can be mounted onto the wall to save floor space.


A mini split ductless unit is reasonably priced and easy to install.. These units are perfect for additions, retrofits and new installations such as garage and workshop areas because they can fit with any budget. When it comes to operating costs of mini split systems, you can turn the unit on while you are working and off when you are not in the workshop. This way, you do not have to pay for the cost of maintaining the temperature when you are not in the garage workshop.

Energy Efficiency
Ductless heating and cooling systems offer a high level of energy efficiency. Mitsubishi’s ductless mini split heaters and air conditioners offer SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings ranging from 13 to 21, meaning that they are 30 to 50 percent more efficient than a typical heat pump and air conditioner built ten years ago. This means that you can enjoy a comfortable workshop without paying an excessive amount of money on your monthly utility bills.

Indoor Comfort
Spending hours working on a project that requires attention to detail and the use of personal safety equipment can get uncomfortable in an unheated and non-air conditioned workshop. When you install a mini split ductless system, the time will fly by as you work on your projects in a climate controlled environment. You may even notice that you have a higher level of productivity as you are able to work with a greater level of comfort in your garage workshop.

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